(steroid injections, PRP- plasma rich protein, Ultrasound guided injections)

Injection therapy with corticosteroid medications is sometimes indicated for osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions of the joints.  These injections can be performed with or without ultrasound guidance depending on the affected area.  Dr. Josh performs both ultrasound guided and non-ultrasound guided injections.

Dr. Scott also performs a procedure called PRP, or plasma rich protein, injections.  In this procedure, the patient’s own platelets are removed from the blood and injected into injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, or joints to promote healing of the injury.  The injected platelets have a high concentration of growth factors that promote healing as well as cause a recruitment of the body’s own healing factors to the injury to help the body ‘heal itself.’

Nerve blocks are another injection that may be performed within joint spaces to block pain. Injections of anesthetic (‘numbing’) medication are typically used for acute pain relief alone or in combination therapy for chronic pain management.

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DateJanuary 10, 2014